Arduino Train Simulator control library

Train Simulator (aka Railworks) is a pretty interesting game for a railroad fan. It has locos, real world routes and a very good graphic compared to similar software. It only lacks a very useful feature: the opportunity to control the train by analog interfaces (joystick, etc…), leaving all the commands on keyboard and mouse. This…

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DCC Command station with Bluetooth

DCC++ is a open-source project for the operation of digital model railways. It consist of a software part available on this site and on GitHub, running on Arduino platform (UNO/MEGA). Is a complete command station, the base for a layout: Complete train control; Accessory management; Programming track; It is actually the cheapest way to get…

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ADS1115 Atmosphere EEL

During past month I have been working on a project for a contest. I had to integrate multiple analog reads and the board imposed by the sponsor was the RSL10-SENSE-GEVK, that included just one digital pin. So I bought that cheap ADS1115 sensor and compiled a small library for the Atmosphere IoT Platform. The library…

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