DCC Command station with Bluetooth

DCC++ is a open-source project for the operation of digital model railways. It consist of a software part available on this site and on GitHub, running on Arduino platform (UNO/MEGA). Is a complete command station, the base for a layout:

  • Complete train control;
  • Accessory management;
  • Programming track;

It is actually the cheapest way to get into digital with your railway, Arduino + motor shield cost around 20€ for chinese clones.

I have used this system for my small layout (4 trains), coupled via Serial with an other Arduino that manages I/O and sends command to the central (Arduino MEGA + motor shield). For greater versatility I decided to add a bluetooth module (HC-05) to be able to connect via smartphone or computer (JMRI). This module had to connect via Serial1, since Serial was busy with the control system. The main project provided support only for one serial bus, so I had to rewrite a bit the code. A fork of my work is available on my GitHub at this page. It is a bit of a work in progress, not all the functions have been tested, so feel free to contact me and report any issue you discover.

  • Everything on Serial0 (normal) works perfectly!
  • Some functions on Serial1 are not tested.
  • Some Serial1 commands may not get response.
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